Terms & Conditions Warranty

Being a small company, Luna Mate pride itself on individual and personalized treatment of our customers.  The following is a guide to our policies.

Placing Orders

  • Orders submitted by you on the Luna Mate website are an offer to purchase the goods at the specified price, plus any delivery charges. Luna Mate may accept or reject the offer at their discretion.
  • When placing orders for multiple items, where possible we will dispatch all the goods as one parcel. In some cases, it may be necessary to dispatch orders in multiple parcels with separate tracking numbers.
  • Pre-Order purchases will be accepted at the time of purchase and completed subject to supplier availability and your position in the waitlist.
  • We reserve the right to decline and/or cancel your order for reasons including, but not limited to:
  1. a suspected fraudulent transaction;
  2. your financial institution has declined payment; or
  3. your credit card is not valid.

Luna Mate reserves the right to cancel your order or request you provide additional information.

Cancellation of Orders

  • Luna Mate reserves the right to cancel an order at any time before delivery has been finalized for any of the following reasons:
  1. goods ordered were subject to an error on the Luna Mate website, for example, in relation to a description, price or image, which was not discovered prior to the Order being accepted;
  2. we cannot deliver the goods to your specified address;
  3. we can no longer supply the goods after promising to do so; or
  4. we do not receive a reply from you within 5 business days when we have contacted you for any reason in relation to your order.


  • Authority to Leave Deliveries – If you select this option at the Checkout “in comments” section, you accept all liability for this parcel being lost or stolen, as your parcel will no longer require a signature.
  • We will only leave the item if we deem it to be safe to do so. In cases where it is not deemed safe, we will leave an attempted delivery card.
  • In some cases, it may be necessary to charge additional delivery fees. We will contact you if this is necessary. If you do not accept the additional charge, we will cancel the order and refund all funds to your original purchase method.
  • Orders placed on pre-order can take up to 8 weeks to arrive. This mainly applies to items which need to be shipped by sea.
  • Most items will ship in less than 3 business days.
  • No bikes or scooters ship online unless contact for shipping quote first.


Luna Mate will provide a warranty against manufacture defects for 12 months. If the Motor is used daily then the warranty will be for 12 months from the date of purchase or until 6,000 kms are reached. Warranty does not cover:

  1. wear and tear;
  2. water damage, excessive heat;
  3. damage from misuse or overheating, using full throttle;
  4. commercial use;
  5. damage cause by cleaning to electrical components;
  6. salt water corrosion caused by riding along tidal pools, etc;
  7. Incorrect electrical connection, reverse polarity.

Items excluded from warranty

The following items are not covered under warranty:

  1. bearings;
  2. brake and gear cables;
  3. brake pads and shoes;
  4. chains;
  5. chainrings;
  6. clutches;
  7. drive gears;
  8. driveshaft and rear axle;
  9. handlebar grips;
  10. lighting;
  11. rear cassette;
  12. spokes;
  13. suspension components;
  14. tyres;
  15. tubes; and
  16. wheels.

Valid Warranty Claims

If a warranty claim is deemed valid, Luna Mate will either repair, replace, exchange or refund the cost of the item.

Warranty repairs & replacements

If a warranty claim is deemed valid, Luna Mate will repair and/or replace the faulty item at Luna Mate’s cost for both labour and parts. The repaired or replacement items will then be returned to the customer at our cost. Any goods that Luna Mate agree to exchange or replace will not be dispatched until the original faulty goods have been received and inspected by Luna Mate. If a bike part or accessory, such as a controller is replaced during the warranty period, the customer will receive a new 3-month warranty on that part. The full 12 month warranty period will restart on that part if the problem is deemed to be a manufacturing fault. Manufacturing faults are easily identified and generally noticed very early after purchase.

Warranty exchanges

In the unlikely event that we are unable to repair or replace a faulty part, Luna Mate will exchange the item for an equivalent part of equal value or provide a credit voucher for future use.

Warranty Refunds & Reimbursements

All refunds or reimbursements will be paid using the same method used by the customer to purchase the item.