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Light bee (青蜂)” is an insanely fast and fun off road dirt bike from China. Before you make your judgement, you should know Sur Ron is founded by a new gen. Chinese entrepreneur "Liu Zhuo" who believes in quality and design. "Light bee" has earned the German Red Dot Award for its design in 2018.


More about "Light Bee" Enduro Track Dirt Bike

  • All new controller - much beefier ! Easily 75kmh+ top speed. The acceleration is more aggressive.
  • High Torque Mid Drive with two levels of gear reductions for insane torque ( Single speed).
  • Removable 60v 32ah Panasonic 2000Wh Battery.
  • New controller also improves battery energy management. The range is about 60-80km in economy mode and 40 to 60 in sports mode depending on how the bike is ridden and terrain. 
  • 50kgs in total
  • 3 hour charging time (10 amp)
  • Sand forged aluminium frame - lightweight and high strength
  • Easy to operate with both eco and sport modes
  • Off road only !
  • Shipping size: 163cm x 32 cm x 87 cm. 74kg



ABOUT SUR RON,  it is a Chinese company based in Chongqing , China -  a manufacturing hub.  It sets a new standard for Chinese manufacturing with their "light bee". Riders around the world have made comments about how truly well built the bike is.

Sur-Ron Light Bee - Now Available OFF ROAD

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