Standard 3amp 36v Dolphin / Shark / Bottle Battery Charger

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This is a standard charger that will work on all of our 36v shark and bottle packs which all have a 5.5 mm barrel plug.  The plug can be swapped out to be used with any 36v 18650 battery pack that needs a charger.

It charges to a maximum voltage of 42 then automatically stops charging. 

3 amps is a reasonable charge power for most battery packs, and charging at this level will make sure you get a long life expectancy out of your pack.

Charging Slower keeps the Battery Cells Cooler and that extends their Cycle Life.

Usage: If you plug it into the wall outlet first (which we usually recommend) it will not charge the battery. This particular charger much be plugged into the pack THEN the wall outlet.