Standard 2amp 48v Dolphin / Shark / Bottle Battery Charger/Jumbo Shark

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This is a standard charger that will work on all of our 48v shark and bottle packs which all have a 5.5 mm barrel plug.  The plug can be swapped out to be used with any 48v 18650 battery pack that needs a charger.

It charges to a maximum voltage of 54.6 then automatically stops charging.  Charges to 54.6 volt

2 amps is a reasonable charge power for most battery packs, and charging at this level will make sure you get a long life expectancy out of your pack.

Charging Slower keeps the Battery Cells Cooler and that extends their Cycle Life.

Usage: If you plug it into the wall outlet first (which we usually recommend) it will not charge the battery.