New Zealand Warehouse


NOTE: ltems shipping from Perth currently have a week delay. 

New Zealand customers batteries ship from New Zealand. All other components ship from Perth.


All batteries ship from Christchurch, BBSHD and BBS02 kits ship from Perth.

Shipping kits from Perth is by express post and costs approximately $150aud. This also includes the cost to ship the battery from Christchurch and postsge and packaging costs.


Kits ship from Perth are subject to GST upon entry. 



Current batteries in stock in New Zealand 

52 VOLT 17.5AH Triangle Pack (Small Triangle ideal for Dual suspension) Refer to website photos for battery dimentions. 

52 Volt mighty mini batteries with Sony VYC6 cells

52 volt 14ah shark packs, Available



Note: New Zealand customers need to select batteries from the New Zealand battery section.  

NZ currency is an estimate only and does not take into account the exchange rate from NZD to AUD dollars. 

Shipping bikes, not available at this time.