Magicshine all in one bike headlight USB rechargeable Monteer 1400

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This new headlight uses the traditional all in one design and is powered 2 battery cells (18650) to power its two XM-L2 CREE LEDs, capable of 1400 lumens of max output. Unlike the Eagle 300/600/700 headlights, the Monteer 1400 uses a removable battery port. Battery cells can be freely removed and exchanged on the fly.





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HIGHT 1440 1.5H
MIDEUME 750 3.35H
LOW 370 5.55H
FLASH 0-750 6.35H


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It’s rush hour. I approach the busy intersection cautiously. I’m in a bike lane, but my side of the road is choked with cars that want to make a right turn. Once our light switches to green, I feel it’s a race to get out in front, before I get side-swiped by someone that wants to make that right turn, crossing the bike lane I’m in. Then, I hear someone yell out their car passenger car window. My anxiety heightens:



My stress levels return to normal, and I’m relieved that the car besides me not only knows I’m there, but acknowledges my presence with a compliment! The light I’m using? The Magicshine MONTEER 1400.

As Fall turns to Winter, and a lot of my riding happens now at night, it seems fitting to investigate some lighting solutions I’ve been looking at. I’m willing to invest in a nice light, as my main form of transportation is my bike. My main goal is to see, and be seen. I’m usually either riding the streets at night, or riding trails bikepacking, but both scenarios need the following for a good bike front light:

  • Long Lasting and Dependable. For the majority of riding, I want a light that can be on for a long while between recharges. I want it to Just Work, to not fall off, to not turn on expectantly (while stored in a pack, say). Seems like an obvious wish list, but you won’t believe how many times this gets done wrong.
  • BRIGHT! If I want to flood my immediate vicinity, give me that choice. When I’m going Mach 5 down a winding road, I wanna see every piece of sand on said road. If I’m in a busy intersection, I want the light to scream: “Here I am“.
  • Rechargeable. Make it easy to recharge the batteries without making me carry half a toolbox of cables and chargers. Make it easy for me to swap out batteries with freshies if need be.
  • No Nonsense. I don’t want external battery packs and wires running all over the place – these just get in the way and get broken. External battery packs just hide the fact that the batteries inside are ones I can buy off the shelf cheaper than buying an entire battery pack.

There’s many different lighting solutions out there, including battery-free, dynamo-powered lights. The fact still remains that a battery-powered light is going to be brighter than a dynamo-powered light. A dynamo-powered light is also going to be more expensive. In the end, it’s convenience of not needing a external battery source (outside of the dynamo wheel, of course), may make it a fine solution. But, if you have more than one bike and you wanna fully invest in dynamo lighting, you probably need more than one of everything. With a battery-powered light, you can swap things out.

In this review, I’ll be talking about the Magicshine MONTEER 1400 USB Bicycle Light,and why I picked it.


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The Magicshine Monteer 1400 is an all-in-one unit – no annoying wires leading to heavy, external batteries packs to break or get lost, and is powered by two 18650 rechargable lithium-ion batteries. It has four no-nonsense settings: BrightMediumLow, and Blinking that control its dual LEDs. These settings are controlled by a single button on top of the unit. This button also has a faint embedded colored LED light to tell you if the batteries need recharging:

  • Green: 100% – 20% Charge
  • Red: 19% – 6% Charge
  • Flashing Red: Red: 5% – 1% Charge

The entire unit is attached with a included mount to fit onto your handlebars. The unit seems fairly weather-proof, so don’t worry about riding in the rain (IPX4).

All fine and well. Here’s where it gets interesting:

Battery Flexibility

The light can be used with only one battery! Remove one of the batteries, and only one of the lights will turn on, with all four settings intact – just you know: with one light instead of two. Allowing this allows you to double your run time. That’s K.I.S.S. brilliance for you. If you’re out in the field and can’t find a 18650 light, you can swap it out for two, non-rechargable CR123’s, which you can usually find in most well-stocked gas stations. 18650’s can be found cheaply in bulk online (I go to a specialty battery store here in Boulder if I need a quick fix).

For off road/pavement night riding, I often will run a bright, handlebar-mounted light as well as a helmet-mounted light that I can use to easy change the direction of the beam of light by simply moving my head. In a commuter setting on the pavement, this also allows me to shine a light at traffic that may be coming from a street I’m crossing, to let them know, without a doubt, I’m there (and very visible!).


The light also has a built-in charger via a mini-USB plug – just plug the entire unit in!This makes the light bikepacking-worthy as far as I’m concerned, as you can plug the light right into a USB port to charge on a wall socket, or external USB battery. You can also use this as a general 18650 battery charger, by swapping charged batteries for ones that need some juice. This negates the need to carry a standalone and bulky 18650 battery charger. That’s a huge win over other models I’ve used.

Options when charging: the Magicshine Monteer accepts charging directly via USB (left), negating the need to need/carry a separate charger for its two 18650 batteries (middle). If no wall socket is available, you can charge it using basically anything that accepts a USB plug.

On the top, the plastic that surrounded a bolt gave way, allowing the bolt to slip; on the bottom, a different bolt ripped through the plastic of the body of the mount.

Instead, I would suggest getting the Magicshine Out-Front Bike Mount, to gain some piece of mind. The light with two batteries in it is not lightweight, and bumpy roads will make quick work of your attempt of keeping the light in place with the included (Eagle) mount.