Bafang BBSHD-1000W
Bafang BBSHD-1000W
Bafang BBSHD-1000W

Battery needs to be selected for this price. Call for motor only price.

The most powerful and reliable Mid Drive Kit on the market

Complete redesign of the BBS02 series for more power

1500 watts of peak power (in off road mode)

No technical knowledge necessary to install

Water resistant

Kit Includes

  • BBSHD 1000 Watt Mid drive 
  • Includes DCP-18 or new DCP-13 display 
  • 46t stock steel chainring 
  • Universal thumb Throttle 
  • Spacer kit 
  • Everything you need to convert most bikes

 Optional Extras are: 

 Shipped and supported from Perth Australia read about us here

Motor is programmed by default to 1000W



Amazing Kit for an affordable price


Current display choice

DPC-18, C500 Display 




One of the biggest criticisms of the BBSHD is the ugly and heavy steel sprocket. Included for a limited period is Luna Mates excluse 42 tooth narrow wide Auluminium chaon ring).  We include that stock sprocket in case you want the higher gear reduction. Motor with battery needs to be selected. This chainring had 21mms of offset.





 The BBSHD is a complete redesign of the extremely popular mid drive the BBS02, every part is stronger and better. The BBSHD put out 150nm of force so much torque that you can stay in one gear and not shift as much as you would in the smaller drive.

This kit is for bottom bracket sizes of the most common sizes 68mm and 120mm (fat bike). Other BB sizes can be made to fit with our spacer kit. Read up about dealing with intrusive chainstays(article on fitting here)

The BBSHD heralds a new age of factory installed mid-drives. Unlike most other factory mid drives the BBSHD is designed to be mounted onto almost any bicycle currently manufactured. You can mate the BBSHD to any bike with a bottom bracket that is anywhere from 68mm to a much wider 100mm fat bike. The BBSHD is even now made in odd sizes (72mm & 120mm), including extra fat. We include with every kit so that you can make your BBSHD fit for almost any bottom bracket. If in doubt order the next size up....and our spacers will help you make the kit fit.

Install it on anything and ride it anywhere. With the proper gearing the BBSHD will easily climb stairs, go well over 30mph on the flats and much, much faster down hills. Singletrack trail-riding, cargo bikes, high-speed commuters the BBSHD can do it all.

The BBSHD excels at singletrack riding (article on singletrack testing here) as well as soft sand (article on soft sand testing) and works best with the Lunacycle Eclipse ring (independently reviewed here) or the Mighty-Mini chainring (available here). The stock 46T steel chainring on this kit is very heavy and has too many teeth for trailriding, although it works fine for commuting.

Its predecessor the BBS02 would sometimes falter if run at peak power for too long of a time but those days are over with the BBSHD. Completely redesigned with thicker windings, giant heat dissipating fins and a powerful 12 FET controller. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Go ahead, beat on it, the BBSHD was designed to take all of your abuse and more.

We are shipping it with the controller hot rod programmed so not only can you get pedal assist when you want you can also get full throttle when you want it.


Which Bike?

The Bafang drive mounts in place of your current bike's bottom bracket and replaces your bike's crank set and front derailleur if you have one. 

The  BBSHD can be mounted in a wide range of bottom brackets from 68mm to 120mm. To pick which motor works right for you: please see this guide.  For most applications you need the standard size (68mm), and can even go a few millimeters over the usual limit of 73mm with standard by using loctite on the axle instead of the second lockring.

Our BBSHD kits come with one spacer kit good for 10mm total, if using a 100mm fat bike motor on a regular bike (73mm) some additional spacers may be needed. Please include a comment at checkout of more spacers are required.  (If possible we recommend using the correct motor for your bike for the best possible chainline in order to prevent chain derailment)

Many people have found that the Bafang can actually be mounted to many types of trikes, which can be fun since many trikes are not good candidates for hub motor kits.


Maybe you have an old donor bike laying around you want to convert, or maybe you are wide open to which bike to buy and install this kit on.

If you are also shopping for a bike to install this kit, that is perfect. We recommend you pick a bike that is known to be compatible with this drive and has no known issues. Ideally a build report has been written on our builder forum so that you can follow step by step someone else's building steps.

Here is a post on our builders forum  with a collection of build reports you can scroll through. 



video-icon.png Watch Luna BBSHD Installation Video Here: 

Read Luna BBSHD Manual Here

Read Mid Drive Kit Install:  PART 1  -  PART 2  -  PART 3


Bafang BBSHD-1000W

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17 Reviews

Kevin 15th Apr 2019

Fluid Fat Bike Conversion

1000W (peaking almost 1500 on the power meter) is serriously a lot of power. Combined with a narrow-wide 30T chainring, this thing is doing wheelies on the granny gear at full throttle! Assembly wasn't to hard other than the bottom bracket was a little narrow for the BBSHD kit but a hole drill used inappropriately opened it up just enough to slide it in. That was about the hardest part of the conversion. Have done about 100km wearing it in and so far everything is running great. Have done moutain single trails to sandy beaches and everything in between with ease. Only real negative (some may diagree), but the PAS it not torque sensing so the assist is not intuitive like normal pedaling. You'll get use to it. On the positive though, dialing down the PAS means I'm still getting a good work out and if things get a bit hairy - just dial it up for more assist. Must do: - Pair it up with an appropriate narrow-wide fron chainring. Really recommend a 30T or 32T if you want high torque and don't care to much for top speed (even now I'm getting about 45km/h!) - Get the programming cable. Stock code may not be suitable depending on what you want to do. - Get the gear sensor - it will save your chain! - Buy it from Rod... this guy is great!

David A 3rd Oct 2018

BBSHD fitted to Merida MAT Sub 60

I've just upgraded from a front wheel hub motor to the BBSHD. This mid drive kit has plenty of power and feels good with the weight concentrated low down around the BB. Fitting was straightforward, but my frame needed the BB to be cleaned out. Removing pedals and the BB are the hardest jobs - it is certainly worth paying your local bike shop to do this if you want the minimum hassle. It is flexible with 9 power levels and programmable with the optional cable. All in all, a flexible and comprehensive kit. Rod was most helpful and I would highly recommend buying from Luna Mate.

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