Luna Mate 52V Charger Advanced 300W Ebike Charger
Luna Mate 52V Charger Advanced 300W Ebike Charger
Luna Mate 52V Charger Advanced 300W Ebike Charger
Luna Mate 52V Charger Advanced 300W Ebike Charger

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  • 52V (14S) charger charges to maximum 58.8v
  • Smaller and lighter than other 5 amp chargers 
  • Smart charger keeps your pack safe and maximizes its life span
  • Charge to 80% 90% or 100 percent with simple 3 position slider switch (Read about battery longevity)
  • Charge fast or slow (1 or 5 amps) with a flick of a 5 position knob (Read about charging speed here)
  • High quality fan runs quiet and is reliable
  • 240v AC input for Australia and New Zealand
  • *****

Please click specifications to get more information including important info regarding compatibility. read our online manual here. 

Is compatible only with lithium batteries that are designed to maximum charge to 58.8v (all of Luna Cycles 52v  14s 18650 packs)

 See our video user manual on this charger here: see video

USER NOTE: Rotary switch: 1 to 5 from the far left will change from 1,2,3,4,5 amp charge current  2 position switch: This changes between 80% 90% or 100% charge capacity

The Luna Mate Charger is designed charger made for affordability,  easy to use, and smart.  

We made this charger with a surprisingly small form factor, considering it is a serious 300 watt charger. We had our case anodized sea-blue and had an LED display built onto the face of it. When you plug in the charger, the LED displays the maximum voltage it charges to (58.8 for a nominal 52V pack). After you plug in your battery it tells you what voltage your battery is at, and you can monitor your voltage while charging. 

We wanted our charger to be quiet, so we made ours with high quality and reliable fans. From selling other chargers we have realized that cheap fans are the #1 reason for charger failure. Charger failure was our #1 reason for customer support issues last year. Now we will have our own charger that we know is reliable and we can sell with our packs. The Luna Charger is specially designed to maximize 18650 battery pack life by having two very important features:

  1. It  can charge at  1-5 amps (read the benefit of charging slow)
  2. It can charge your battery to 80% 90% or 100% (Read about battery longevity)

Most importantly the Luna Charger accomplishes both these functions while being very easy to use. Both of these two functions are changeable with a flick of a switch so you don't need to fidget with any digital interfaces to change your charge. No instruction manual needed here. This is a very simple charger to use.

We know that charging slow will extend your battery's life but we also know everyone likes (or needs) a fast charge now and then. (read our article on charging fast or slow)

Do Partial Charging
Charge to 80 or 100% percent to really maximize life expectancy

Car manufacturers such as Tesla  have proven that if you do not charge your pack to 100 percent every time you ride, you will greatly extend the life of your pack.

The Luna Charger adds life to your pack without taking a wad of money from your pocket.


Additional Information and Specifications


     - Charger is configured with reverse polarity, over current, over voltage, and short circuit protections.

     - Precise limit of voltage and current, intelligent control, and avoids over charge.

     - Simple Dual LED indicators : LED 1 shows power is on, LED 2: red shows the battery being charged. Or green shows the battery fully charged (or no load at DC side).

     - Voltage display shows the output voltage inside the charger, and the relative voltage of the battery.

     - Slider switch allows you to do partial charge, 80 or 100 percent.

How to Operate

     1. Check the parameters of the charger and the parameters of the battery to ensure the compatibility of the charger with your battery.

     2. If you need to connect your own connector make sure the red cable goes to positive of your connector and the black wire goes to negative.

     3. Make especially sure that the chargers maximum voltage is the same as your Batteries maximum voltage.  The 48V (13S) chargers max voltage is 54.6V, the 52V (14S) model of chargers max voltage is 58.8V. the 72V (20S) chargers max voltage is 84.0V. Your batteries maximum voltage must match these.

     4. Make sure you plug in your charger. When LED 1 is red, it means the power is on. 

     5. Users can choose how many amps they want their charge current to be with the red toggle on the back of the battery. 5 stands for 5 amps and 3 stands for 3 amps.  A small screw driver or Allen key must be used to change this switch.

     6. The red switch can partially charge your battery to 80% to prolong its life. We recommend you go to full charge only when you are planning a long ride, and you do not store your battery fully charged. The red switch can be moved with a small screwdriver. 

     7. When LED 2 Turns red and the fan stops, the battery is fully charged, and the charger will stop charging. 


     - This charger is configured for use with Luna 18650-cell battery packs. We make no guarantees about compatibility using other batteries. Please be sure the voltage matches your battery. For example only use the 52V charger on a 52V pack.

     - Using the wrong voltage charger is dangerous and can be a fire risk!

     - It is up to the user to determine if the charger is appropriate for his battery.


     - If the charger does not work properly, please make sure the charger and battery are connected properly.

     - The voltage display will light up even if you are not plugged into the household current. Look at  the red LED on the back of the charger to make sure you are getting power.

     - The charger should be used in a well ventilated area.

     - The aluminum case is an important part of heat dissipation, make sure it isn't covered up or smothered.

     - Check the fuse on the back to see if it is burned.

     - Unplug the battery and then plug it back in to reset. (Sometimes this is needed after changing the position of the percentage charge switch)

Luna Mate 52V Charger Advanced 300W Ebike Charger

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2 Reviews

Peraro Matenga 7th May 2018

Luna Mate 52 Volt Charger

Great piece of gear.Charged the 52 volt battery within 4 hours.Early days yet, see how I go.

Rex Charlesworth 1st Feb 2018

52 Volt Advanced charger

This unit works very well. You have the option to charge your battery to 80 90 or 100 % at a charge rate of 1 to 5 amps which is excellent for extending the life of your battery. It all seems to work well. The fan make a noise when it is charging but it stays quite cool even on 5 amps. Well built and good looking unit.

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