Electric Scooter Dual Suspension 350 Watt

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This electric scooter has up 30 km range on a single battery charge, allowing you to take long rides outside with confidence. Equipped with a 7.5 AH battery, it boasts a long battery life that can be conveniently charged with its smart charging port. Its integrated tail and led lights also come in handy when riding at night or during rainy days.


Designed to accommodate two adult feet with a slip-resistant surface for added safety.

Rear Wheel Power System

Our scooter can climb slopes around 20%, allowing it to go uphill easily. The rear wheel power also offers you better acceleration, stability, and braking power.


Solid never-flat tires  that are not only stable but save time and money on maintenance




  • Bright LED  front and rear lighting
  • LED display Shows driving speed, driving mode, and battery level
  • 350watt motor located in the rear. 
  • 200x50 solid tires
  • 3 power modes
  • limited to 25kph 
  • Additional  safety features
  • Ergonomically designed foot brake located at the back of the scooter
  • Dual suspension  provide maximum rider comfort
  • Solid never-flat tires  that are not only stable but save time and money on maintenance
  • Foldable and portable 
  • Smart charging port 
  • Maxium Load:100kgs
  • Scooter weight 12.5kgs


Minimum Rider Requirements

  • Age16+
  • Height: 120–200 cm
  • Weight: 25–100 kg


  1. The motor needs a run-up process before it starts to work.  Push off with one foot and then activate the accelerator after speed is in 3 - 5km/h the scooter will 
  2. Do not use the scooter in heavily rainy days or on the ground with ponding water.
  3. Assist the scooter while climbing uphill, this will help the controller to work efficiently for longer period and save battery life as well.