Tools that you may require to complete you BBSxx installation and common issues post.

Posted by Rodney de Bettencor on 13th Jul 2020

Tools that you may require to complete you BBSxx installation and common issues post.

Hi Guys 

Some tools that you may not have to complete you BBSxx build 

  1. 8mm Allen Key to remove the bolt from the crank arm 
  2. You will need a crank arm removal as well if you have a square tappered bottom bracket Removal-tool-for-square-and-hollow This tool removed both the square tapped crank arms and also the hollow axles (Shimano Octalink and ISIS Drive)
  3. Depending on the Bottom Bracket if its the English threaded one you will need this bottom bracket removal tool. English threaded bottom bracket removal tool
  4. File to remove ridge in the centre of the bottom bracket. Sometimes this prevents the motor shaft from sliding though the bike's bottom bracket.
  5. Wrench to tighten the bottom bracket or sockets. Link to wrench Link to Sockets
  6. Drill bit to drill out the triangle plate. Sometimes the paint prevents the bolts from lining up with the motor holes. I have seen some instances where the threads haven't been cleaned and customers have had to use a tap to clean out the hole. I do try and check the motor kits before sending them out. 
  7. 6mm Allen Key to tighten the triangle plate. 
  8. 5mm Allen Key to fit the chainring.
  9. Chain breaker to shorten or lengthen the chain. You possibly may not need one. If you do need a longer chain then it may be worth investing in a new chain, our e-bike chains are 136 links, compared to 116 links for standard bicycles. Sometimes you need more than 116 links, it just depends on the bike frame and chainring that you intend to fit. This would require you to purchase 2 chains where sometimes 136 links will be long enough. You may still need the chain breaker. Link to Chains and other spare parts Link to Chain Breaker
  10. Cable ties.
  11. Pliers to trim the cable ties. 

Post to follow with video of installation and how to resolve common issues.