The Beach and your E-Bike

Posted by Rodney de Bettencor on 24th Jul 2020

The Beach and your E-Bike

One of the advantages of these kits is they thrive on being taken to the beach, especially if its a fat bike.

Moisture can penetrate the connections if salt water is splashed onto the harness and battery which can cause a short circuit or a communication fault. Sometimes an error code 30 will come up on the display when this happens. Removing and drying the harness and display may be all that is required to get the bike back up and running again.

Applying dielectric grease to the wiring harness, brake sensors, throttle and speed sensor plugs can greatly reduce this from happening.

When riding near the beach or on the beach, one thing to consider is salt water is very conductive.

Riding where the waves are breaking on the beach if the wing harness is wet at all can cause a short.

Always keep back from where the waves are breaking. Being kit by a wave at battery height will almost certainly couse long term issues with moisture getting in and rusting the battery cells and terminals.

While the kit is water resistant the kit is not 100% waterproof. Do not ride though tidal pools where it can be submerged even for a brief moment. It maybe deeper than you think. If you do plan on doing alot of riding around water then please consider waterproofing.

Check out out customer photos of different builld along with Jason from Karekare, New Zealand who has built 3 fat bikes to access previously inaccessible beach. Link