Middrive ebike chains

Posted by Rodney de Bettencor on 9th May 2020

Middrive ebike chains

Luna Mate now has a range of ebike chains in stock.

These chains are 136 links, the benifit of this for example if you have a large rear hanger and a  50 tooth rear cassette and a 36 tooth front chainring on your bike you will need to purchase 2 chains when fitting the stock 46 tooth chainring.

If you do decide to order a chain for your ebike I can cut the chain to length. Leave a message in comments the length of your chain and the size of your front chainring on your existing doner bike and advise when front chainring you have and I will cut the chain to lenth. Otherwise tell me how many links you need the chain cut to. 

All chains come with a quick release joiner link. 

 9 speed ebike chain available here

10 speed ebike chain available here

11 speed ebike chain available here