52 Volt Batteries, How to determine capacity when display is set to voltage

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When you first receive your new Luna Mate 52 Volt Lithium Iron Battery please read "Facts and Questions Charging Lithium Iron Batteries" here. first.

Lithium Iron Batteries discharge slightly differently to how the fuel tank gauge in combustion engine vehicles operate.

A fully charged battery (100%)  is approximately 58 volts.  The below percentages are approximate only, as this will vary due to differing discharge rates. 

This is approximate only: 

90% - 56 volts

80% - 55 volts 

50% - 50 volts

30% - 48 volts 

20% - 47 volts 

10% - 46 volts 

0%   - 40 volts 

We do not recommend discharging below 46 volts. This is especially so during the first few charges.  When your battery gets to 48 volts it's important to use a lower PAS level as Low Voltage Cutoff (LVC) can occur if hard throttle is used or you are riding in a high PAS level. 

The above graph is a typical discharge curve for a 52 Volt GA cell 3500mah:

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