48V 14ah Samsung 35E NZ, Free shipping
48V 14ah Samsung 35E NZ, Free shipping
48V 14ah Samsung 35E NZ, Free shipping
48V 14ah Samsung 35E NZ, Free shipping
48V 14ah Samsung 35E NZ, Free shipping

Free shipping June and July 

  • Slimmer than ordinary dolphin for smaller frames
  • Key lock releases pack from bike
  • Led light battery meter
  • Hard plastic to protect your pack
  • Up to 650-watt hours means incredible range in small package  (read article on watt hours)
  • 13s4p = 52 Genuine  name brand name Samsung 35E 18650 cells (see breakdown on 18650 cells)
  • 30amp continuous  BMS
  • Life Span: 400-1000 charges
  • 14.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 " (See pictures for detailed dimensions)
  • includes free 2 amp charger 
  • 12-month warranty. Excludes misuse, abuse or water damage. 



This new slim case is one of the newest ebike cases to hit the market. It  is designed to be as small as possible to fit inside the triangle of most bikes where the water bottle goes  and give a more stealthy look.   You can also mount it in any other place of your choice and it would even make a great backpack battery.    This is the same pack loaded with panasonic cells (same cell that Tesla uses) 


Ultimate Long Range in a very small size

We designed these packs using a common ebike case, but filled them with quality name brand 18650 cells utilizing the latest battery chemistry to get the highest possible power density. This means despite these packs small size and light weight, they will get you tons and tons of range. These packs have more amp hours than any commercial ebike, who skimp and use generic cells which are known for being low power density and short battery life.  In fact we so disbelieve in generic cells, we are not even offering them as an option. We only offer quality cells in our packs not cheap no name cells like almost everyone else does.

Name Brand Cell Choice

Luna Mate  only uses name brand 18650s. This pack is crammed full of the highest quality cells in the industry. 52 cells in a 13s4p configuration. That means 4 rows of 13 to give you the voltage and amp hour you need. Depending on the cell you choose you will have 14ah which means the amount of range you will get.

Here are your cell choices:

Samsung 35E - This cell is an excellent choice if you are running a high power drive such as the BBSHD 1000w Bafang drive, or any high amperage system with the same capacity as the Panasonic/Sanyo GA cell at a cheaper cost.  This cell will easily put out 30amps continuous.  The cell is  the same energy density as the GA cell so you will not  sacrifice any range.


Read more about 18650 cell choice here: (breakdown on 18650 cells)



Regarding Amps: These packs will easily put out 30amps (1500 watts) and even more for short bursts.

More than likely your controller is less than 30amps and then you don't have to worry since your controller will only take the amps  from the battery what it needs. You cannot fry a controller by selecting a high performance  battery with too many amps. Voltage however, you need to be careful with. 

Regarding voltage: This is a 13s (48 volt) battery, which means it should be easily compatible with any 48v kit or ebike on the market no matter what the manufacturer might say (they would prefer that you pay more and buy only their batteries). 


48V 14ah Samsung 35E NZ, Free shipping

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