36 Volt 15.6Ah Tiger Shark Lithium Ion Battery

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  • Includes 36 volt standard 3 amp charger 
  • Key lock releases pack from bike
  • Led light battery meter
  • 15.6ah
  • Up to 378-watt hours
  • 10s4p = 40 Generic Chinese cells
  • 30amp continuous  BMS
  • 12-month warranty. Excludes misuse, abuse or water damage


Quality brand name 18650 cells utilizing the the tried and tested Sanyo 2600 cells. This means despite these packs small size and light weight, they will get you tons and tons of range. 


Luna Mate builds its packs with the finest BMS (battery management system) available so that you can plug in your battery and not worry about over charging. Your cells are automatically balanced by the internal BMS in the battery. Our BMS includes such features as temperature over heat  protection and advanced cell balancing. These features not only get the maximum performance out of your BMS they also keep your battery from getting to low, charging too high, or getting too hot and will automatically shut off your pack if it senses something is wrong. This BMS is rated at 30 amps. 




Regarding Amps: These packs will easily put out 30amps


More than likely your controller is less than 30amps and then you don't have to worry since your controller will only take the amps  from the battery what it needs. You cannot fry a controller by selecting a high performance  battery with too many amps. Voltage however, you need to be careful with.



Most people mount this battery to the downtube of their frame (where the water bottle usually goes) but it’s very versatile where it can be mounted. Because it is so lightweight (3 kilos) it can also be used in a backpack.


This is a very easy to mount battery. It has a mounting bracket that will mount to most water bottle screw holes in the frame. If not you can drill threaded holes into your frame to accommodate it.  Once the bracket is installed it's a breeze to take the battery on and off. So you can have extra batteries that you carry on your ride that would easily fit in a backpack or on the racks on your bike.