240AH 12 Volt LifeP04 Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

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Ideal for Caravans or small motor homes. 

Solar and mains charging. 

LifePO4 Offers A Better Battery Solution of existing Gel and AGM batteries



  • 3 year warranty
  • Can be left for 12 months without the need to charge if left at 80% charge
  • lightweight 30 Kilos approx


 Consider the following benefits of choosing LifePO4 over AGM batteries for your energy needs:

LifeP04 lightweight batteries are lighter than AGM batteries, usually weighing about 1/3 less and about twice the battery capacity in the same amount of space. LifeP04 batteries are  environmentally friendly and safe for use in any system. Other advantages of Eco Commercial LifeP04 batteries include upper and lower voltage protection, dead short and reverse polarity protection, and a flame-retardant chemistry. Gel or AGM batteries can only safely discharge to 50%,  where Lifepo4 on the other hand can safely draw down to 80% without causing premature failure.

LifeP04 batteries can recharge at a faster rate, Our LifeP04 batteries can take a 50 amp charge to 100%. If our 12V 240ah battery is discharged to 80% it will take 5 hours at 50 amps to recharge to 100%. 



12v 240Ah LiFePO4 battery pack

Nominal voltage:12v

nominal capacity:240Ah

case dimension: 221*531*185m

50A bms.

Recharge is 3 to 4 hours

Max Continuous discharging current is 50A

Peak discharge current is 130A

Minimum discharge voltage is 10V 

Maximum charge voltage is 14.4V

Life span:more than 2000 charge discharge times if discharging to 80% of capacity

Suitable for use with solar systems 600 Watts or less. 

Weight:approx 28kg.

 Life span:more than 2000 charge discharge times

Not suitable for starting vehicles. 


  • Always recharge after use. If batteries does enter self protection mode then a suitable LifeP04 charger maybe required to reset the Batteries Management System.