Universal 18650 Charger
Universal 18650 Charger

Bluearmy N2 Plus Universal Charger 

This is a small and multifunctional charger, which is compatible with most rechargeable batteries in the market. It has 2 slots. 

The charger can be used to supply power to external sub devices and can be used as a portable power bank 

It has automatic battery recognition i.e. 18650, Ni-HM/NI-Cd AA, AAA and AAAA. 

Can be used as a power bank when 1 battery is placed into the left slot with 5v output

Default is 1A charge, press mode button for 2 seconds to decrease charging to 0.5A

Charger automatic stops charging when full. 4.2 volts for a 18650 cell. 

Charger has reverse polarity protection, will stop charging, in-aid of safety always check polarity. 



Input: Micro USB DC 5V/2A

Output: 4.2V±1%/1.45V±1% 1A x 2/0.5A x 2 5V USB 1A


Package Included:

1 x Battery Charger
1 x Cable

Universal 18650 Charger

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1 Review

Puano Lee 18th Aug 2018

Friendly charger for Li-Ion & Ni-MH

Easy to use. LED indicator for percentage charging in progress. Charging stop on completion. Does not test battery capacity. Better than Varta & Energiser chargers. I threw away my Varta, Kodak & Ultrafire Li-MH chargers For those users who would like to test battery capacity, buy intelligent chargers such as Opus, Littokala, Vtar etc! Be prepared to pay 4 times the above price of Bluearmy!

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