New Zealand warehouse currently closed till the middle of July. All items apart from battery's are still available and ship from Perth.


Luna-mate now has a warehouse providing batteries for New Zealand customers.

Batteries now ship out of Te Anau, Southland New Zealand and kits from Perth. Shipping from Perth is by express post and costs approximately $90. 

Batteries by themselves ship from Te Anau for $40aud. 

Kits ship from Perth and are subject to GST upon entry. 

Currentl batteries in stock in New Zealand 

52 volt 17.5ah Jumbo Shark GA cells 

48 volt 17.5ah Jumbo Shark GA cells

52 volt 13.5an Shark GA cells. 

52 volt 12.5ah Triangle pack 25r cells

52 volt 20ah triangle 25r cells 

52 Volt 24ah triangle pack GA cells 

Shipping for the above batteries is $40aud.

 Note: New Zealand customers need to select batteries from the New Zealand battery section.  img-48317.jpg