Giant ATX1
Giant ATX1
Giant ATX1
Giant ATX1

This product is available for local pick up only. BBS02 with 13.5ah 52 volt Panasonic Battery. 

Medium currently available in black. 


Available in Red and Black


General Description


This is a great affordable hardtail option that won't break your wallet.

It was designed with upright riding position, and solid geometry for off road and trail terrain.  It has a quality suspension fork with lock out up front to smooth out the bumps.

This bike is a a great combination of utility, long range and power for those windy condition here in Perth. 

Compare these Dream Features

Research these incredible features in this bike and you will not find  a better quality ebike at a better value.
Name brand top-shelf bike from Giant
BBS02 ligthwight mid drive
Panasonic GA 52v Battery with 650 watt hours
Full featured Color Display DPC 14
Pedal assist 
Fully programmable through an interface and programming cable (included)
Tons of small details that make Luna the Best.

Panasonic 52v GA 13.5ah Battery



The battery is the most vital of any ebike.  We use the best 18650 cells available (the Panasonic GA) which offer both amazing energy density and high performance.  (read a review on this ebike pack)  We make our packs with quality BMS, cases etc...cutting edge technology.  You can have confidence that when this bike is outfitted with a Luna Cycle battery you are getting the ultimate in reliable, safe, performance at an affordable price.  Our competitors sell a 48v of this pack for over $1000!  Look here for more Info on this pack.

Research ebike battery packs and you will see the Panasonic GA Shark is the best battery available today.

We use a quick change pack which allows you to extend your range by quickly swapping the pack. You can swap packs in about a minute.


Mounted Inside the Triangle - Perfect

Also this ebike has the battery mounted inside  the frame in the triangle where it belongs for the ultimate in balance and good looks. The battery in the triangle is the best solution for any ebike.  We don’t do the easy thing like other ebike companies and weld the battery case to a rear rack which is the worst place for the battery making your bike back heavy. (especially with a rear hub motor)

Also out packs are quick release for the ultimate in convenience.


Top of the Line Mid Drive Motor Set Up





Luna is  offering this ebike in the BBS02 format....these drives are the most reliable and powerful drive systems  available on the market your  own research to back that up.  And much more expensive for us to buy than a cheap hub motor.  But we are selling them for less money than cheap hub motor bikes typically sell for.

These mid drives are completely silent, efficient, and fun to ride. They have  quality color display and both throttle and pedal assist.

Luna Cycles offers no hub motor bikes but only mid drive bikes because we believe in offering only the cutting edge.  

You will not find this quality with any production bike at this price point anywhere.

Or you can save even more money by converting your own bike and buying one of our kits here. (read about the advantage of mid drive here)


Color Display / Control Center





This display features :

  • Full color display
  • Volt Meter for accurate battery gauge for even 52v batteries! 
  • 9 levels of assist
  • USB Charger
  • Watt meter
  • Volt meter for accurate battery gauge even with 52v batteries
  • Clock
  • Password lock
  • Variable  battery settings
  • Black and white background modes
  • Auto brightness setting


Giant ATX1

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