Luna Mate is proud to announce the Jumbo Shark hardcase pack

This new Jumbo Shark is the newest ebike case to hit the market made from Hailong, the makers of the Shark case. It is designed to be as small as possible to fit inside the triangle of most bikes where the water bottle goes and continues off the stealthy look with much more added features. 

This pack is crammed full of the highest quality cells in the industry. 65 cells in a 13s5p configuration and 70 cells in a 14s5p configuration.That means 5 rows of 13 (48v) and 5 rows of 14 (52v) to give you the voltage and amp hour you need.

GA - 3500mah This cell is the latest innovation, and probably the highest quality 18650 cell on the market. It offers both energy density and high amperage performance...