BBSHD and BBS02 Wrench
BBSHD and BBS02 Wrench
  • Makes Installation and removal of BBS02 and BBSHD a snap
  • Designed by Luna 
  • Lovingly CNC Made in California
  • Hand Polished by Luna Guys
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Fits the inner and outer rings of the BBSHD and BBS02
  • See product images for dimensions

BBSHD and BBS02 Wrench

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4 Reviews

Richard Sharpe 6th Mar 2017

Vital tool for the build

Buy this tool. If you don't have one you'll need one to do the install. It would be nice to have it a little smoother round the handle. But I'm splitting hairs. Its vital for the install. Remember to buy one!

Mike 8th Dec 2016

Not adequate

This was the only disappointment with the kit. This certainly works, but I have not been able to get my BBSHD tight enough with this tool and it has come loose several times. I am waiting for the socket wrench Luna tool that I can use on my torque wrench. I had the following issues with this tool: 1. It is milled, and the edges are razor sharp. I initially cut my thumb when trying to tighten it, then resorted to wearing leather gloves to use it. 2. It is flat, should be offset. Very limited position you can actual use it without it hitting the frame. 3. It is too small/flimsy to get the required torque. I resorted to gripping the end with a pipe wrench to increase the mechanical advantage. Kind of worked, but it bent the ring on the other end meaning I can no longer use it with the lock ring (Pipe Wrench works on the lock ring, but roughs it up). I hope Luna Mate starts supplying the proper Luna tool that is a copy of the Bafang one. That is what's needed.

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