52v 3amp Luna Mini Charger
52v 3amp Luna Mini Charger
52v 3amp Luna Mini Charger


This Charger is a very small electric bike charger for 52-volt battery (14s 18650 lithium ion) which charges to a maximum of 58.8 volts.  

We are selling a quality charger which is small and robust, made from quality aluminum and nice blue color made to quality specs with a reasonable price.   

This charger has a quality xt60 connector. We provide a male connector with pigtails (pictured) so that you can easily convert your existing ebike battery to the quality that is the xt60 without soldering. (read our story on ebike connectors)

It is a 3amp charger which will charge a 10ah battery in less than 4 hours. When the battery reaches close to full the charger automatically slows down and shuts itself off when it reaches a maximum of 58.8v.

This charger was designed to be used with our 14s packs which is 52v lion. If you are using this charger for your own battery pack make sure the voltage matches what your battery pack requires for maximum voltage. This charger will not work on most ebike packs sold as 48v packs, it is a 52v charger.

Incorrectly charging a battery pack can damage your pack and be a fire hazard! Read our article here

Designed for 52volt batteries, smart charger with automatic shut-off when the battery reaches 58.8v depending on your battery.

Smart Charger charges 52v lithium packs safely

Charges in three different percentages - 80%, 90%, and 100%



Charges at 3 amps (150watts)

Quality aluminum anodized construction and finish.

Small size means portable and convenient

Quality fan for ultra-quiet operation

Auto-shutoff after 3 minutes if not connected to battery, to conserve power use

XT-60 Connector

3 x 4.5 x 1.7 inches

How to use this charger

Charginging New Batteries (Read article here) 


52v 3amp Luna Mini Charger

99.00AUD (exc tax)
108.90AUD (inc tax)
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2 Reviews

29th May 2017

Luna adjustable charger

This should make my batteries last longer.

Richard Sharpe 6th Mar 2017

Good but noisy

So far so good. Puts electricity into the battery. Bloody noisy. More a point about the battery. I wish I have bought a bigger battery. My 52v 13.5ah isn't big enough. Well it would be if I peddled more but my point is get the biggest bad boy you can afford or that'll fit.

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